By definition, the word innovate means to bring in something new, to make changes in something established. Innovation is the key to the future and research is the key to innovation. We envisage that the increasing complexity of the problems faced by the O&G industry requires different thinking and a diligent search for innovative solutions that attend to the operators needs.

MEOFS with a novel approach of "Connect, Communicate & Collaborate" understanding clearly, the vitality of innovation had taken the initiate to fulfill the vision & the need of the present world.

We venture ourselves to the complex challenges of the oilfield industry by taking the key to reduce the complexity. Connecting is all about understanding needs, determining the most effective strategy to satisfy those needs and then finding the right partner to help you meet those needs. The company's founders leverage their deep technical and commercial experience, complimented with excellent contact to enable us to communicate as a medium to enhance the relationship & commitment between the parties.

We believe the major innovations of the future will shape the complex world, hence our motto: "Innovation for excellence”